Should You Apply to be a PMI CMASS Mentee?

APPLY NOW to be a Mentee in our program if you are:


  • A Newer PM (hit the ground running): You’re preparing to earn your PMP or may be newly PMP-certified (YAY!) and looking to grow basic project technical or leadership skills.
  • A Mid-Level PM (from good to great) – You’ve been in the project management field for a while, but want to elevate your skills and insights to help you land that promotion or get you ready to “crush” that next-level project.
  • A Career Changer (doing your homework) – You’re thinking about making the leap from your current job to an official project management role, and want to learn more from an experienced professional about the demands and day-to-day of project management before deciding if this is the right field for you.
  • A Project Management Student – You’re enrolled in a project management degree program and want to supplement your studies with real-world mentoring outside of the lecture hall or online classroom
  • Anyone looking to: gain practical advice from experienced mentors, build or expand professional network, and/or develop skills (note: Mentees do not have to be PMP-certified to participate).
    • If you are a PMI Central Mass member, you are encouraged to use this benefit to get the most out of your membership
    • Non-PMI Central Mass members can still apply. Click here to learn how to join (it’s quick and painless).


"The PMI CMASS Mentoring Program has been incredibly valuable to my personal and professional growth over the past couple of years, and I believe any project manager - new, mid-level, or senior - can absolutely benefit from participating. I was paired with wonderful mentors who were not only eager to share their wealth of experience in the project management field, but also flexible enough to pivot as my learning goals evolved throughout the course of the program. Even better, they helped me to think about a wide variety of project management topics from perspectives I may never have even considered on my own, which led to many new opportunities for me. In my opinion, the PMI CMASS Mentoring Program fosters growth in so many ways that you cannot experience solely through job shadowing or independent learning. It's a no-brainer."