Board of Director Job Descriptions

Qualifications and Job Descriptions for Open Board of Directors Positions

Vice President, President, Immediate Past President - 3 year term

Treasurer - 2 year term

Director of Information Technology - 1 year term

Director of Logistics - 1 year term

Director of Marketing & Communications - 1 year term

Director of Meetings - 1 year term

Director of Membership - 1 year term

Director of Professional Development - 1 year term

Director of Sponsorship - 1 year term

Director of Volunteers - 1 year term


All board positions are required to demonstrate the qualifications described below. Additional experience and qualifications related to individual roles may also be considered by the Election Committee.

1. High energy, positive, “can-do” attitude, flexibility, teamwork, and attention to detail; high degree of initiative and accountability

2. Strong leadership, relationship and communication skills

3. Experienced team leader, with demonstrated effectiveness in that role

4. Keen attention to detail as well as solid project management skills

5. Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office. Competency in content management software (joomla), Google Docs preferred

6. Agree to the Board of Directors Operating Agreement

Additional qualifications:  

Vice President, President, Immediate Past President Visionary and change agent

Director of IT: Change agent with expertise in technical systems required 

Marketing: Experience with email marketing required, social media marketing desirable

Vice President
The Vice President is responsible to work closely with the President, as requested, in execution of all President responsibilities. The Vice President prepares to be president in the second year of the three-year commitment.
Term: 1st year of 3 year term (Vice President, President, Immediate Past President)
Monthly time commitment: 25 hours + meetings

Vice President Responsibilities
1. Understand and embraces the upcoming role as President, preparing to assume this role in the second year
2. Succeeds the President if s/he can no longer perform the functions of President, or is no longer in office
3. Works closely with the president in execution of President responsibilities
4. Sets agenda for and runs Board and Chapter meetings when the President is unavailable
5. Provides support to Chapter President and Directors as needed
6. Monitors activity for alignment with strategic and tactical goals
7. Oversees and drives strategic Chapter projects
8. Sets agenda for and runs strategic meetings
9. Is Chair of the election committee

Term: 2nd year of 3 year term (Vice President, President, Immediate Past President)
Monthly time commitment: 30 hours + meetings
The President is responsible for developing and communicating the Chapter vision, in cooperation with other Directors. The President is also responsible for the overall chapter operations, aligned with the Chapter vision.

President Responsibilities

1. Works with PMI, PMI Region 3, Directors, constituents, sponsors and others to develop the Board vision of our Chapter role
2. Is responsible for Board operations, from a strategic viewpoint and managing performance to the Board of Directors Operating Agreement
3. Delegates as appropriate
4. Removes roadblocks, supporting Directors in their roles
5. Is responsible for the overall financial health of the Chapter
6. Remains current on PMI strategies and operations, ensuring the PMI CMass is aligned with PMI
7. Ensures that all functions at the Director level are staffed "2 deep"
8. Sees that succession planning is carried out at the Director level
9. Ensures that new Directors receive training needed
10.Sets agenda for and runs Board and Chapter meetings
11.Attends PMI Conferences
12.Member of R3 Committee
13.Resolves conflicts among chapter/Board members
14.Ensures that all approved functions are properly resourced
15.Implements change without disrupting operations
16.Listens to members' needs/requests and supports programs to meet and exceed these needs/requests
17.Is responsible for contingency planning for all Chapter activities
18.Mentors Vice President in his/her development for the role of next Chapter President
19.Provides any relevant postings to the Website
20.Is Ad Hoc member of all committees

Immediate Past President
The Immediate Past President is Mentor to the Chapter, especially President and Vice President. Responsible for process improvement and archiving information.
Term: 3rd year of 3 year term (Vice President, President, Immediate Past President)
Monthly time commitment: 10 to 12 hours + meetings

Immediate Past President Responsibilities

1. Mentors the President and Directors as they develop and execute the strategic and tactical missions of the Chapter
2. Leads the committee responsible for process improvement
3. Leads the committee responsible for archival information
4. Attends Board and Chapter meetings, remaining current in Chapter affairs


Term: 2 years

Monthly time commitment: 10-12 hours + meetings

Treasurer Responsibilities

  1.  Create and maintain accurate Chapter financial records of all transactions

  2.  Maintain the accounting ledger that records transactions related to the Chapter's assets, liabilities, income and expenses

  3.  Maintain files containing all documents verifying financial transactions

  4.  Collect and deposit payments from Chapter meetings and events

  5.  Reconcile costs incurred by the Chapter

  6.  Provide payment to vendors and others as approved by the BOD

  7.  Track all invoices issued by the BOD for prompt payment

  8.  Manage and reconcile checking account

  9.  Generate and submit monthly financial reports to the BOD, which include income, expense, assets and liabilities 

 10.  Analyze cost impact/benefit of activities proposed by BOD Directors

 11.  Ensure compliance with Federal, State and Local tax laws

 12.  Generate and submit annual financial report to BOD

 13. Prepare annual Chapter operating budget in conjunction with Chapter's strategic plan and in cooperation with BOD Directors

 14. Track cost and income against approved budget.  Report any significant deviations

 15. Manages asset/collateral log

 16. Archive all permanent records on the Web-based operation center

 17. Maintains Chapter's Post Office Box and stores financial records

 18. The Chapter provides the Treasurer with a laptop to do this work

Treasurer's Additional Qualifications: 

1. High energy, positive, “can-do” attitude, flexibility, teamwork, and attention to detail; high degree of initiative
2. Strong organizational and presentation skills
3. Ability to analyze and present financial data in an organized fashion
4. Motivated and committed to moving the chapter forward with strategic vision
5. Understands corporate financial administration and related processes
7. Agree to BOD Operating Agreement

Director of Information Technology
Term: 1 year
Monthly time commitment: 8-10 hours + meetings

The Director of IT leads and develops the team responsible for all aspects of the Chapter IT systems (Website, Social media, Virtual Phones and Virtual Meetings). This Director is also responsible for supporting the Assistant Director (and any additional volunteers) in the day to day operational activities

Director of IT Responsibilities

1. Responsible for Roadmap, Maintenance and Support of Chapter IT systems
2. Responsible for ensuring IT systems operate as per Chapter expectations (Service Level Agreements, Training, Technical Support)
3. Owns and maintains relationships with vendors who host or support Chapter IT systems
4. Manages IT financial responsibilities (Annual Budget, Invoices)
5. Prepares website Reports / Metrics to the Board for Strategic Meetings
6. Serve as point person to PMI Global on IT related Chapter services / needs
7. Serve as escalation point to the Board and Chapter President for IT related issues
8. Support Assistant Director of IT (and any additional volunteers) in the day to day operations
9. Responsible to ensure IT Operating Procedures are updated and maintained accordingly
10.Responsible to ensure succession plan is maintained

Director of Logistics
Term: 1 year
Monthly time commitment: 8-10 hours + meetings
The Director of Logistics is responsible for all aspects of the hotel relationship/execution and registration at Chapter events. This Director is also responsible for the Assistant Director providing audio visual support at these events.

Director of Logistics Responsibilities

Responsible for all aspects of registration and audio visual support for all events including monthly chapter dinner meetings.
1. Set up Paypal registration for each monthly meeting and Chapter event and all Professional Development events
2. Manage and update Hotel contract
3. Maintain relationship with Hotel and advise BOD of issues/suggestions
4. Manage all aspects of Hotel performance, including menus, headcounts and setups
5. Print name badges and meeting sign-up sheets for use at registration table at Chapter monthly meetings and events
6. Oversee registration table
7. Reconcile receipts with Treasurer
8. Collect lanyards at meeting end
9. Support Assistant Director of Logistics in audio visual requirements for Chapter monthly meetings
10.Support other Directors with Logistics for other events and activities as requested

Director of Marketing and Communication
Term: 1 year
Monthly time commitment: 25 hours + meetings
The Director of Marketing and Communication leads and develops the team responsible for building, maintaining and increasing the engagement of existing and prospective members of the PMI CMass Chapter.

Director of Marketing & Communications Responsibilities

1. Develop programs and campaigns to increase revenue through increased membership and event participation to exceed chapter objectives
2. Support board activities and programs to demonstrate value to our constituencies, including education providers, venues and sponsors
3. Work with other Directors to increase value to our members, sponsors and education partners
4. Increase awareness of the Chapter and its offerings within our service area
5. Develop and deliver on the value proposition statements for our major constituencies
6. Build an engagement marketing program that addresses constituencies for Chapter initiatives, including professional development events, meetings and sponsorship/advertising
7. Develop and enhance the local brand of PMI-CMass through actions and communications consistant with the brand of PMI, and in collaboration with the other Chapters, to provide comprehensive view and understanding of the Chapter in the Central Mass community
8. Develop and manage the marketing functional team so that communications planning and scheduling drive event and membership activity
9. Provide quarterly reports to the BOD on Marketing/Communication status

Director of Meetings
Term: 1 year
Monthly time commitment: 10 to 12 hours + meetings
The Director of Meetings leads and develops the team responsible for speaker relationships and meeting planning/execution. This Director schedules speakers at least six months in advance, on a rolling schedule.

Director of Meetings Responsibilities

1. Strategic planning of monthly meeting topics, using feedback forms and other means
2. Sources, engages and supports speakers for meetings
3. Coordinates topics with Director of Sponsorship to assure there is no conflict between sponsors and presenters
4. Vettes speakers for qualification by various means, including history, credentials, conversation and email
5. Vettes speaker presentations prior to meeting
6. Engages speaker using speaker contract, assuring speaker is clear regarding expectations and opportunities
7. Communicates with Director of IT, Director of Marketing and others, in support of promoting speakers and meetings
8. Communicates with Director of Logistics regarding any special dietary requirements
9. Attends meetings or arranges for a replacement, hosting speaker at the event
10. Introduces speakers and thanks them after the presentation
11. Obtains and presents speakers with honorarium following presentation
12. Is responsible for feedback forms, communicating the results to the Board promptly following the meeting
13. Follows up with speakers as meeting approaches, advising Board of any issues
14. Creates and maintains a backup plan, should a speaker, at the last minute, be unable to present

Director of Membership
Term: 1 year
Monthly time commitment: 8 to 10 hours + meetings
The Director of Membership leads and develops the team responsible for the development, maintenance and execution of a chapter membership aquisition and retention plan that results in member retention and growth.

Director of Membership Responsibilities

1. Develop a membership aquisition and retention plan, obtain BOD approval and implement it
2. Develop and implement a member needs assessment survey in cooperation with other Directors
3. Compile and maintain a current file of the PMI members in our Chapter area and solicit their affiliation with the Central Mass Chapter
4. Partner with other BOD members to identify membership growth opportunities, providing membership application forms and "how to" information to potential members
5. Provide the BOD with quarterly reports including non-renewal, renewal and new sign-up detail.
6. Manage all PMI HQ membership-related items
7. Maintain the Chapter membership list via PMI DEP
8. Is liaison with PMI HQ on membership-related items
9. Provides content to and updates membership section of Website
10. Sends welcome letters monthly, to each new member
11. Sends reminder letters to members needing to renew, in the month their membership expires
12. Is interface with the public and chapter members regarding membership information
13. Communicates PMI and membership benefits in a compelling and articulate manner

Director of Professional Development

Term: 1 year

Monthly time commitment: 12 to 15 hours + meetings
The Director of Professional Development leads and develops the team responsible for professional development, education and chapter events. This director is also responsible for establishing and managing professional development programs and with maintaining relationships with providers

Director of Professional Development Responsibilities

1. Define strategies for continuous improvement in professional development/training programs
2. Develops and manages the Chapter's professional development plan, including activities such as study groups, seminars, professional development days and other educational activities
3. Develops and communicates the Chapter's professional development roadmap for the upcoming year, on a rolling basis
4. Cooperates with other Directors as needed in the execution of professional development events
5. Maintains logs of event attendance and evaluations
6. Establishes and manages contracts with providers
7. Provides information/guidance to members and nonmembers on PMI certifications/recertifications
8. Initiates and cooperates with sister New England chapters in professional development events, as appropriate
9. Seek new project management professional development programs an service through networking with other educational organizations and PMI Chapters
10. Incorporate feedback, suggestions and recommendations to enhance the effectiveness and value delivered to the audience and chapter
11. Oversee events, presentations and training programs
12. Develop and implement a program roadmap for all professional development events

Director of Sponsorship
Term: 1 year
Monthly time commitment: 10-15 hours + meetings
The Director of Sponsorship leads and develops the team responsible for developing and maintaining Chapter sponsorship activities. This Director is responsible for achieving the Chapter's revenue and outreach goals for sponsorship.

Director of Sponsorship Responsibilities

1. Develops, maintains and manages Chapter sponsorship strategies, engaging Corporate supporters as sponsors
2. Attends sponsored meetings/events, hosting sponsors
3. Is responsible for completing of sponsor agreements
4. Maintains contact information database and historic information
5. Manages all aspects of program sponsorship for monthly chapter meeting,
Explains process and costs to prospective sponsors
Coordinates sponsors with monthly topics to prevent conflict with speaker's message
Makes vendor selection and obtains signed agreement and payment.
Obtains company information, including write-up and logo from sponsor, creates web site description,  sends to Director of IT and Director of Marketing five (5) weeks prior to engagement.
Advises Director of Meetings of sponsor names for badges
Advises Director of Logistics of any sponsor dietary requirements
Introduces speaker at meetings/events
Collects business cards and conducts raffle
Brings thank you card to next Board meeting for signing, and sends to sponsor

6. Meets revenue commitments
7. Manages Web-based sponsorship content
8. Monitors Website and Chapter communications for sponsor-related accuracy

Director of Volunteers

Term: 1 year
Monthly time commitment: 8-10 hours + meetings
The Director of Volunteers leads and develops the team responsible for volunteer management. This includes sourcing and placing volunteers in roles at which they will be successful. This Director works closely with other BOD members to identify and fill openings.

Director of Volunteers Responsibilities

1. Creates and manages the Volunteer Registration form
2. Is an active member of the Election Committee
3. Sources volunteers for all Chapter needs, including Directors, Assistant Directors, Project Managers, and others
4. Provides PDU letters annually, using information provided by Directors
5. Maintains the Chapter's Job Listing Board
6. Leads volunteer development and recognition activity, in cooperation with other Directors