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It's All About Authenticity - Emotional Intelligence and Appreciation Intelligence

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Our Annual Professional Day - Wednesday, August 14, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

At the Westborough DoubleTree Hotel

All About Authenticity: Emotional Intelligence and Appreciation Intelligence with Roger Wolkoff


Emotional Intelligence:  Planning for Emotions - We all feel emotions.  It's what we do after we experience them that defines us.  Learn how to implement emotional intelligence strategies from a former project manager and expert in the field.  Emotional intelligence helps move you, your teams, and your life forward.

The New AI:  Appreciation Intelligence - Loyalty and appreciation affect your workplace culture.  Customers, clients and employees want and value appreciation.  Are you delivering?  What if you could create a culture of loyalty and appreciation?  Find out how to apply four essential actions you must take today to show your customers and employees you value them and their contributions.

Find Your Five: Positive People Propel Positivity We are the product of the people with whom we spend our time. Who do you spend your time with? Do they nurture you? What if we included people in our lives who could make us better and help us reach our goals? Examine what you want more of, find the people who have it, and get them in your life!  


Roger Wolkoff

He's been called the 911 of projects, a fabulous facilitator, and the consummate communicator.  Roger is a helper, fixer and rescuer.  He knows that when you build solid foundations and excellent communication, you will have engaged teams.  

Roger is excited to share over 20 years of experience with you. His success with teams is a direct result of three things:  trust, communication, and emotional intelligence.  Success means building and maintaining trusting relationships.  Vital elements of trusting relationships are vulnerability, honesty and empathy.  It's that simple.

"Roger delivered an engaging and knowledgeable presentation on awareness - self, social and situational.  I found it helpful to understand how to manage myself in different business situations to get the best possible outcome.  I found Roger's presentation something I could utilize in my day to day interactions with others.  Thank you, Roger, for helping me to find a better me!"
- Diane Curtis, PMP, President - PMI Milwaukee/Southeast WI Chapter

"Roger delivered a presentation that was very engaging to our members.  Roger was very energetic and funny which kept our members on their toes.  We learned how to handle talking to different generations or people that don't have the same viewpoints.  Our members took away valuable questions to ask when dealing with colleagues.  We very much enjoyed our presentation and highly recommend him"
- Katie Kenny, Recruitment and Workforce Development Manager, Iowa Primary Care Association


8 PDUs - Leadership and Strategy

Registration Fee:

Early bird registration, now through July 24th 2019

$275 : Member Rate

$295 : Non-Member Rate


We hope to see you there!  Write to dirofprofdev@pmicmass with questions, or to register with groups of 3 or more.

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